No prior experience or certain fitness level required for ANY of our classes.

We welcome and celebrate YOU, just as you are today! 

Instructors offers a variety of options for each movement, and encourage all students to "work your body the way your body works!" 

Each and every class has a wide variety of students, all with different bodies and abilities.

Each and every body is celebrated and supported at Lucent Movement Arts.

ALL bodies
ALL levels
ALWAYS welcome
Authentic Movement

This class is a safe space in which participants can increase self-awareness, focus on healing, and improve self-expression.

Participants will do a warm up, stretch, and take some time to attune to an inner experience through guided meditation and reflection. Participants are encouraged to focus their attention on the present and express their inner emotions through improvised dance movements while keeping their eyes closed in order to reduce distractions. The goal is to allow participants to connect with body and mind and let their inner experiences move them.

Classes may also sometimes involve drawing/writing practice. 

Barre + Ballet 

This class is suitable for brand new adult dancers as well as more experienced ones wanting to revisit the basics.

The class will include ballet fundamentals at the barre and in the center.

Students will learn arm/feet positions,

as well as the movements that comprise the foundation of ballet vocabulary. 

Burlesque Technique

Have a blast in this high energy, body-positive, confidence building dance class! Burlesque is the art of the tease;

we will learn flirty, sassy, sexy dance combos that will work up a sweat!

Class begins with a full body warm-up stretches and dances,

followed by technique, terminology and theory exploration, and finishes with a dance combo!

Chair Dance

In this class students will learn choreography and technique utilizing a chair as a prop

and a way of creating unique shapes and movement. The instructor will bring sensual, sassy, flirty,

and fun dance combinations that will offer a great workout and confidence boost! 

Lyrical + Modern

Lyrical and modern are both contemporary styles of dance that derive from classical ballet and jazz,

this style of dance is often used to “tell a story”.

Unlike ballet, lyrical/modern is usually performed to music that allows the dancer to

express themselves through the song’s lyrics and emotions, rather than perfecting specific techniques.

This allows for a more personal experience and connection.

Many of the traditional movements of ballet and jazz are elongated,

distorted and taken off their center to allow for more fluid or rigor movement and freedom through dance.

Lyrical utilizes concepts such as “fall and recover”, “contract and release”

and “reach and withdraw” to connect the audience to the emotion and story the performer is trying to convey.

This style of dance can be a very effective way to release one’s emotions through movement.